Our Goals & Objectives

Goals and Objectives

  • Main floor window displays will be refreshed at least every two months. Each display will relate to a specific theme.
  • Announcements of library events and alerts, using multiple digital platforms, will occur at least monthly.
  • By September 30, 2022, at least two main floor, in-library seating options will be explored, trialed, and evaluated by library users and staff.
  • An ongoing book sale shelf will be provided on the main floor of the library. Annually, in March, the Library Manager will lead a review of book sale material to determine if the volume of material supports an annual book sale event.
  • Options for potential "seed library" offerings will be researched with recommendations prepared for the 2023 growing season.
  • By October 2022 "wayfinding," map-style, signage will be posted to provide details of the library layout.
  • In collaboration with the Ann Grover Library Society (AGLS) and two additional community organizations a fund-raising event netting at least $1500 will be organized and held by December 2025.
  • A diversity of program offerings will be offered tice per month for each of the following groups: infants and pre-school children, youth and teens, & adults.
  • Upon request and up to once per week, one-on-one learning sessions for the community will be offered. Topic offerings will be posted on the library website, in the library newsletter, and in library advertising.
  • Beginning in 2023, at least three times per year, intergenerational programming, primarily consisting of knowledge exchange, will be facilitated by the library.
  • Informal gatherings to spark community conversations will be hosted at least every two months. Conversation topics suggestions will be collected and reviewed monthly.
  • The library logo will be updated by May 2024.
  • Monthly main floor window refresh will be selected from work of those participating in library programming. Display contributors will be acknowledged following library policy.
  • Crossfield and area residents will be invited to offer artisan and craft style workshops. Two workshops will be offered per year.
  • Regular passive activities, outside of scheduled programs, will be provided for library users to express creativity (e.g. sidewalk chalk in summer).