The library is open to the public, feel free to come in and browse, read to your children or use the internet.

Room Rental Rates

NOTE:  There is no charge for the use of rooms for normal public library purposes during regular library hours.

Non-Commercial Use Room Rental
      Room 1 (20 people)                   $20.00/ each use               
      Room 2 (6 people)                     $15.00/ each use
      Room 3 (6 people)                     $15.00/ each use       
      Room 4 (100 people)                 $40.00/ each use    
                                                         ** After hours use premium - $60/ each use

Commercial Use Room Rental
      Room 1 (20 people)                  $20.00/per hour                                 
      Room 2 (6 people)                     $15.00/per hour                               
      Room 3 (6 people)                     $15.00/per hour                                         
      Room 4 (100 people)                 $40.00/per hour                               
                                                          ** After hours use premium - $150/each use

A copy of the full rental document, including damage deposits required and additional fees can be picked up at the Library.

Early Years, Early Learning Lending Program
The library has a large selection of toys, games and puzzles for pre-school aged children to aid in their development of reading, classification and number skills.  These items are loaned out on a three-week basis.
Tablets for Preschoolers
We have a limited number of tablets, pre-loaded with applications designed to aid preschoolers in the development of literacy skills.  Tablets circulate for one week.
Fax and Photocopying
Photocopier : $0.50 per black and white copy,  $1.00 per colour copy
Computer Printer :  $0.25 per b/w page  $.50 per colour page    (printing double-sided counts as two pages)
Fax :   $1.00 per page incoming or outgoing
Book Sale(ongoing)
Paperbacks and ALL Easy/Junior/Youth books    $1.00
Adult Hardcover   $2.00
DVDs                     $1.00
Blu-rays                 $2.00
DVD/CD Repair
$2.50 per disc
Bring in anything scratched or unplayable, and we will do our best to get it working again for you!