Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings are usually held at 7:00pm at the Crossfield Municipal Library on the third Wednesday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.  All meetings are open to the public, and the most recent approved meeting minutes will be posted here.  (Previous meeting's minutes can be viewed in person at the Library).  For any date changes, please check the calendar on the Library website at the top of the right hand column.
March 21, 2018 Meeting Minutes - APPROVED
Location: Library Board Room
In attendance: Lorea Anderson, Ken Gosling, Janice Graham, Lisa McNeil, Brenda Rosvick, and Jo Tennant
Called to order: 7:00 pm
MOTION by Ken to accept Agenda, VOTES all in favour
MOTION by Brenda to accept February Minutes, VOTES all in favour
Criminal Records Check
-          MOTION by Brenda (email before meeting) to reimburse Lorea for the cost of her records check, VOTES all in favour
-          going forward we will look at making this a condition of employment
-          we will cover costs for Board members and volunteers on a case-by-case basis
Library Humidifier
-          need to have a humidifier, especially for the main floor
-          $4000 to install a humidifier system on the roof, plus the cost of plumber and electrician
-          the option for a console humidifier
o   $200 for a small unit
o   may need to replace parts every couple of years
o   add in cost of demineralized water
-          MOTION by Janice to purchase a console humidifier, VOTES all in favour
Lorea’s Coverage
-          Lorea covered a weekend shift when Laura was away ill
-          Lorea will take the time in-lieu
*Jo arrived at 7:24 pm
-          FCSS report submitted to Town
-          we need to focus on the measurement tools for our report next year
Librarian’s Report
-          we’ll set up the debit machine with tip options of $2, $5, and Other, and clearly indicate that a tip is a donation
-          we will work on a partnership with the Vista Crossing community building
-          Lorea noticed some nice chairs with laptop trays at ATB in Airdrie
o   she asked where they got them from so that we could explore this option
o   they said they are actually getting new furniture, so offered us these old ones when the new pieces arrive
-          signage complaint that it is not clear enough on the door
o   will try vinyl sticker first to see if that is sufficient
-          start thinking about Pete Knight Days parade float and if we will reinstate membership fees starting on July 1
-          Marigold
o   based on the sharing policy, we need to send out our materials to whomever is at the top of the list, our patrons do not get first dibs
o   we need to consider the cost-effectiveness of purchasing items for our collection if they will always be sent out to other libraries and not visible to our patrons
o   Jo will invite Marigold reps to our next meeting to clarify sharing issues
Town Council
-          Jo and Ken Bosman were discussing having an agreement in place between the Board and Town about us being in the town building
-          will also need to consider who has the agreement with the Chamber
-          we have been requested to leave a building key, an elevator key, and board room key at the Town office
o   Russ Nash does have a full set of keys
-          art in civic spaces
o   we would like to see a sample waiver for the artwork before we would agree
o   likely would need to be an agreement between the library and the artist as it’s in library space
o   Brenda to explore if we could offer them a charity receipt instead of financial compensation
Treasurer’s Report
-          utility bills since October 1 have been 3-4 times more than in the old building
o   Brenda to do a month-to-month comparison to old build so we have a better idea
-          have not yet been able to get in contact with CP Wood Gallery to sort out invoice and getting cost of donor wall
o   MOTION by Brenda to pay CP Wood Gallery Invoice #50364, changing $570 charge for reconfiguring desk drawers to a deposit of $570 on future work, VOTES all in favour
-          Brenda saw a program idea in the Rocky View Weekly of doing a crafting fundraiser
o   maybe this is something we can consider offering since the Roots program is not going anymore
-          2017 financial statements have been sent to the auditor
Policy and Bylaws
-          Policy
o   general changes like using “item” in place of “book” or “material”
o   add in that a Record Check is a condition of employment
o   updating job descriptions
o   still to review Records Retention Schedule
-          Bylaws
o   use “item” in place of “book” or “material”
o   tablets can be renewed
o   patrons are given a TRAC card, not just a number
-          An invite from ATB to complete a survey, Brenda completed on our behalf
-          Letter to the Rec Board with supporting information for Story Hour
-          Letter from Alberta Culture and Tourism saying CFEP final report has been accepted
-          Letter from Marigold that they have insured the materials for calendar year of 2018 for $207,584.00
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.  Next meeting will be on April 18, 2018.
Art in Civic Spaces (emails between Jo and Mitch):
Hi Jo-
I was speaking to Jeff Gray from our theatre group, and he suggested that he was aware of an organization that had advertised the name and contact information of the artists who were displaying as compensation for their work (like you'd see in a coffee shop).  I could get more information from him if this is still something that you were looking in to.

Further to that, Mom had mentioned that there were a number of artists from her group that would be willing to 'donate' their artwork for a period of time to the library, knowing that this would be their contribution to the organization (and understanding that they are essentially forfeiting compensation they would otherwise receive).
Maybe this could be achieved with a waiver?

Just a few things to think about.

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 9:08 PM, Mayor Tennant <> wrote:
I know this is really complicated, me & my big mouth thinking it was all easy (LOL) & offering before I knew anything.  I would say if the artists are fine with how their work is displayed  @ Bigway - go for it.  But it was a shock to me.

I think the info you extrapolated is correct.  It is a lot of money, keep me posted.  Quite frankly the Library doesn't have the money to consider doing it on their own.

Hi Jo-
Wow!  That's a lot more complicated than I realized it was... apparently Bigway's been breaking some rules.

I think I found the section that applies.  Just to get an idea for ACTS, do you think the attachment is correct?  If we had 4 artists for 3 months, we'd be looking at approximately $600/3 month 'exhibition' (4x149)... or if we extended it to a 6 month window, it'd be approx. $800 (149 + (14.90x3) x4).  This would certainly require some vetting of the artwork, assuming that this would be an attractive opportunity for local artists...

We'd be looking at somewhere between a $1600 and $2400 commitment per year (depending on number of artists).  I will take this to the group.  Talent notwithstanding, that's a significant amount of money to display artwork that might otherwise go without exposure!
Submitted Reports
Librarian’s Reportsubmitted by Lorea Anderson
Number of books (Feb)                                   3115    (166 less than Jan)     
Number of patrons (Feb)                                1567    (46 more than Jan)
Number of computer users (Jan)                         98    (5 less than Jan)
Number of memberships sold to Mar 15/18     758 unexpired memberships
Email addresses for newsletters:  152 (last month 147)
Suggestion Box
“A way for patrons to see if a book is only in Crossfield by using the computer (other words: easier way to see if the book is in this library)”
Room Usage Statistics
December:  13 (Staff 1, Programs 6, Community 2, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
January:  22  (Staff 1, Programs 11, Community 6, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
February:  36 (Staff 2, Programs 16, Community 11, Chamber 6, Commercial 1)
We had our first commercial room rental on February 8th by the Crossfield Ag Center.  They weren’t too verbose on their “exit questionnaire” but did give us full marks for an excellent experience, would recommend us to their associates and plan to use us again (as opposed to travelling to Airdrie).  They heard about our rooms via Facebook.
Daily Usage Stats

Month of February
Day 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm
Th 1 4 3 1 5 5 6 5 5 0 0
F 2 9 5 0 4 8 3 2 2    
S 3 4 3 0              
Sun 4                    
M 5 7 0 3 10 2 6 4 3 0 2
T 6 27 5 0 3 5 18 17 1 7 2
W 7 5 2 4 3 2 10 9 0 1 1
Th 8 1 3 0 0 3 2 5 3 0 0
F 9 8 2 3 4 2 5 7 0    
S 10 5 0 2              
Sun 11                    
M 12 11 5 8 6 4 2 7 6 1 0
T 13 35 3 0 7 2 18 11 7 5 3
W 14 12 6 0 3 1 5 6 3 0 0
Th 15 7 1 3 4 2 5 8 6 6 1
F 16 1 4 5 10 7 3 5 5    
S 17                    
Sun 18                    
M 19                    
T 20 30 9 3 15 10 4 16 5 5 0
W 21 14 9 5 0 7 6 7 2 4 4
Th 22 11 14 10 12 6 12 8 7 5 0
F 23 3 8 18 19 10 2 6 6    
S 24 3 2 11              
Sun 25                    
M 26 0 5 3 7 10 2 2 6 0 1
T 27 16 4 4 6 4 7 6 2 9 1
W 28 25 2 5 5 2 13 13 3 0 2

Financial Literacy Classes
I have confirmed our interest and am awaiting further information and promotional information/materials.
Vista Crossing Partnership
I was approached by Renee Knight, community outreach for Vista Crossing, about establishing a partnership with the Library.  They have some bookshelves in their community space that they want to use as a “Little Free Library” and we will be helping them out with unused donations.  Renee assured me there would be signage acknowledging our participation, but as yet I haven’t received a photo.
Tip = Donation
In an effort to explore fundraising options, I spoke with our debit machine company about the possibility of adding the option of “Would you like to make a $2 donation?” to our debit transactions.  It is not possible to be that specific:  we would have to add the standard restaurant tip option, although the person I spoke to believed we could default to a few options, such as $2, $5 or “other”, instead of percentage.  We would simply need to put a sign on the machine that in our case “tip” means “donation”.  Does the Board have any interest in this idea?
Adult Book Club
Our inaugural meeting at the new space will be March 21 at 6:30.  I will head up the initial meeting until I join the Board Meeting and try to get someone to step forward as “leader”.
Program Feedback (a “5” is top marks)
Learned about Beekeeping (10 Attendees Total):  Social Media - 6, Library Website – 4
Rating for Beekeeping:  given a 5 (3 people), given a 4 (4 people), given a 3 (3 people)
Learned about “Fire” (2 Attendees Total):  Social Media – 2
Rating for “Fire”:  given a 4 (2 people)
Learned about Growing Young Readers (15 Parents total):  Social Media – 3, Library Website – 2, Other – 2
Rating for GYR:  given a 5 (6 people), given a 4 (1 person)
Upcoming Absences
I will be on vacation March 30 to April 9 and I will be away on April 26.
Treasurer’s Reportsubmitted by Brenda Rosvick
Here is my report this month, for YTD to the end of Feb.  There is nothing outside of budget.  I noted that we have our first paid room rental. 
-          Letter to Rec Board with 2017 receipts for the $3K received
-          copy of email to Town accounting, regarding 2018 vacation - this is for Personnel file
-          Letter from Alberta Culture and Tourism that the financial review of the CFEP grant is complete.
-          Letter from ATB to complete a survey - I completed this online March 9