Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings are usually held at 7:00pm at the Crossfield Municipal Library on the third Wednesday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.  All meetings are open to the public, and the most recent approved meeting minutes will be posted here.  (Previous meeting's minutes can be viewed in person at the Library).  For any date changes, please check the calendar on the Library website at the top of the right hand column.
Crossfield Municipal Library Board Meeting
The Town of Crossfield Library Board
Meeting September 19, 2018
Location: Library Board Room
In attendance: Lorea Anderson, Ken Gosling, Janice Graham, Lisa McNeil, Brenda Rosvick, and Jo Tennant
Called to order: 7:00 pm
MOTION by Ken to accept Agenda, VOTES all in favour
MOTION by Brenda to accept June Minutes, VOTES all in favour, Lisa abstained
Donor Wall
-          clarification on who to include on the list
o   Brenda to confirm official names of businesses, groups, etc.
-          the vinyl sticker may not stand out enough against all the different wood grains
o   Lorea to price out getting plaque-style tags made
o   maybe in three different metal finishes so we can separate the different categories of donations
-          levels are Bronze $500-5,000, Silver $5,001- 20,000, Gold $20,001+
-          MOTION by Ken to accept these are the categories for recognition, VOTES all in favour
Room Rental Contracts
-          Lorea has made all suggested changes
-          MOTION by Janice to accept these as the rental contracts, VOTES all in favour
-          information in Attachments section below
-          we will go forward as an “Additional Named Insured” under Town with Jubilee Insurance beginning January 1, 2019
-          Directors and Officers coverage included
-          Brenda to cancel current insurer as of January 1, 2019
Energy Audit
-          3D Energy came in and did a free audit
-          had several suggestions for energy savings, including having solar panels installed on the roof
-          it would be ~$13,000 cost to make all their suggested changes for a savings of ~$1,900/yr
-          will do some of the small things (e.g. turning down temperature in the stairwells and washrooms will save $100/yr)
-          some of these may qualify for grants in the future
Librarian’s Report
-          summer users and books signed out have really increased over the past 6 years
-          computer users down, but computers are much cheaper so more people have them (or mobile phones)
-          volunteers are the library are supposed to be covered by WCB, so we’ll have to check into that
o   WCB is part of Town wages, so Lorea will ask them to get a quote for us
-          would like to expand the Board
o   think about how we would “vet” members
o   do we ask for references? what is their skill set?
o   specifically we could use people for Programming, Treasurer, and Communications
-          Town may look at hiring a second summer staff
-          they would do the summer reading program under their umbrella and we would reimburse them
First Anniversary Party
-          October 16th
-          would be an opportune time to sell the extra furniture we have
-          Lorea will get some treats for that day, cupcakes or cookies as it will be easier than serving cake
-          donation to Food Bank for return of overdue books for the month of October
-          Brenda to set up a meeting with a Town employee to pass along information on doing the library financials
-          Town looking at one maintenance/cleaning person for all Town building and we would be billed for a portion of that cost
Wage Review
-          MOTION by Jo for in camera discussion for wage review 8:32 pm, VOTES all in favour
-          MOTION by Brenda to end in camera 9:25 pm, VOTES all in favour
-          MOTION by Janice to proceed with wages as discussed, effective with the next pay period, VOTES all in favour
-          now that we’re at the $15 minimum wage, future performance/wage review to occur in March, after the year’s budget is more settled

-          Letter from Alberta Municipal Affairs with a cheque for the 2018 Library Operating Grant
-          Invoice from Marigold for the 2018 levy
-          CFEP small funding grant application was received by Culture and Tourism
-          CRA letter for filing charity’s financial information
Meeting adjourned at 9:36 pm.  Next meeting will be on October 17, 2018.
Liabilities and Contents Insurance
AUMA (current Ins) – no D&O, has BI                         $849.98 + $25 AUMA membership fee ($5M)
Insurance quotes – CGL and $50K contents
Jubilee Ins – as ANI under Town – has D&O, BI            $609.76 + 3% admin ($20) ($6M)
Crossfield Agencies – Intact – no D&O                         $945 ($1M)      $1038 ($2M)
                                                            With D&O, BI  $1910 ($1M)    $2270 ($2M)
Foster Park – no BI                                                       $2213 ($2M)    $2523 ($5M)
                                    Just D&O (to add to AUMA)    $1100 ($2M)    $1400 ($5M)
Cooperators Airdrie                                                      $1020 ($2M)
                                                            Just D&O         $1272 ($2M)
Brokerlink –                                                                 stopped by May 24, email Sept 10
Jubilee Ins, as Additional Insured under the Town policy
- $200 less annually, plus D&O included and $6M coverage (vs $5M)
Submitted Reports
Programs Reportsubmitted by Brenda Rosvick
-          Tutoring - did not get funding from Calgary Foundation.  More research and planning is needed to set something up.
-          From FCSS, for 2019, we asked for funding to cover a 2nd day of wages for Youth Activities. Work needs to be done to determine age group and type of activities. I have asked Eris at Town about the possibility of a survey, and Lorea will prepare something for the school newsletters.
-          Next year SRP - Lorea emailed Russ (upon my suggestion) to see if the summer students they hire could add the SRP to their job experience, could be a win-win all around.  He will follow up with Eris and Ken.
AGLS Reportsubmitted by Brenda Rosvick
-          Grey Cup Pull Ticket raffle is being done, Lions used to do this and always made money
-          Proceeds are restricted to the same Uses as the casino, so this will not help with the library's operating expenses
-          Mary Helen Kenyon suggested doing the sidewalk advertising in mid-October to let the community know they are there.  How about in conjunction with advertising for our 1 year anniversary?  
Grants Reportsubmitted by Brenda Rosvick
-          Calgary Foundation Grant - we were originally going to apply for funds for Summer Fun Week.  Since we can only have one grant going at a time this was changed to a grant for a tutoring project.  The application was unsuccessful; more research and detailed planning is needed.
-          CFEP 2018 grant - application submitted, $15,263 project, asking for $6826 for rooftop humidifiers, as a match against Town paying for the canopy over the basement emergency exit stairwell
-          FCSS 2019 grant - application submitted, asking for $10,500 to cover most of the costs for Storyhour, GYR, and Youth Club
-          CIP 2017 grant - the donor wall is being built, and the donor names for the books need to be finalized (initial list of donor names was sent out separately).  I will meet with Lorea & Ken to look at the remaining budget for this grant (deadline to use $44K is Sept 2019, for Materials and 'Set up of Community Use Areas', there is still $22K to be spent).
-          CFEP 2016 grant - I need to meet with Town to finalize this grant (deadline is spring 2020 but it should be sent earlier since the project is done)
Librarian’s Reportsubmitted by Lorea Anderson
                                                                        June                 July              August               
Number of Books taken out in                        2979                3435                3317               
Number of patrons                                          1596               1797                1902               
Number of computer users                              150                  165                  240                 
Summer books
2018    9731    2017    7865    2016    9105    2015    7044    2014    5132    2013    6280   
Summer patrons
            2018    5295    2017    3137    2016    3289    2015    2829    2014    2955    2013    3926                
Summer comp. use
            2018    555      2017    548      2016    515      2015    241      2014    319      2013    1023                                          
June/July/August TRAC Items           Borrowed by Crossfield:  1456 (prev 1332)
                                                            Lent by Crossfield:  4077 (prev 2665)
Number of memberships to date         1258 (394 of which have expired)    
Email addresses for newsletters:  212
Suggestion Box
“Maybe people could get a choice for puzzles”
Room Usage Statistics
December:  13 (Staff 1, Programs 6, Community 2, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
January:  22 (Staff 1, Programs 11, Community 6, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
February:  36 (Staff 2, Programs 16, Community 11, Chamber 6, Commercial 1)
March:  32 (Staff 2, Programs 15, Community 11, Chamber 2, Commercial 2)
April:  31 (Staff 1, Programs 21, Community 7, Chamber 1, Commercial 1)
May:  30 (Staff 2, Programs 16, Community 7, Chamber 3, Commercial 2)
June:  Lost
July:  32 (Staff 0, Programs 1, Community 5, Chamber 1, Commercial 0)
August: 6 (Staff 1, Programs 1, Community 1, Chamber 3, Commercial 1)
Teen Activity Days
The three days of activities were cancelled due to lack of interest.
Programs Starting Up Again
Growing Young Readers got off to an incredible start on the 11, with 19 parents attending with 21 children.  We had to establish a waitlist for additional people, and the next session is scheduled for February 2019.  StoryHour, Lego Club and Reading Tails all start the week of the September 17th.
Marigold Library Leaders Training
On Wednesday, September 12, I attended a Library Leaders training session in Strathmore, and the major topics of discussion were the new Occupational Health and Safety and Employment Standards Act updates and their ramifications.  Thanks to Russ Nash’s efforts, we have a good basis for our OHS compliance that just needs to be updated, and I have a meeting scheduled with him for September 17th to get that started.  As far as Employment standards go, general discussion came up with recommendations that each Board should have a clear policy stated as to how any and all overtime is to be handled (banked? At what rate? For how long? etc), statements on expectations of vacations to be taken (when staff are paid out holiday pay, should there be an insistence that holiday time be taken for mental health reasons?), the use of employment contracts and employee orientation packages. 
Annual Employee Reviews
Except for Karen, who will be meeting with me on Tuesday the 18, and Delaney who recently had her 3 month review, all staff employee reviews have been completed.
First Newsletter
Our first newsletter went out on September 4 to 215 patrons who had agreed that we might send them a newsletter when signing up for their membership.  We had 118 people open the email, 21 people click on links in the newsletter (mostly to reserve new resources), and 3 people who asked to unsubscribe.  Between Laura and I, we will try to make this a monthly occurrence.
Parking Signage at Rear
Unfortunately, we are having more and more people parking at the rear of the library that are not library patrons.  Until we put up signage indicating that this is reserved parking, we cannot have them ticketed or towed, or even leave a note on the windshield asking them not to use up patron parking spaces.
Board Member Recruitment
I think it would be a good time to try a focused effort on trying to recruit some new Board Members and I would like some input on what kind of “ad” I should be making up.  Also, I think a discussion would be helpful about what kind of “vetting” process other Boards use should we be lucky enough to have some applicants.
Participation in Marigold Test Program
During her consultation visit, Nicole updated me on the project where some 20 Marigold libraries have agreed to have their new materials shipped out to fill holds directly from HQ, rather than taking the time to send them to the owning library just to have them be shipped out again the same day to fill holds. It seems to be working well, and she asked if we would like to participate. I told her I would consult the Board, but that I see no reason not to participate and speed the process up.
Christmas Closure
I propose that the library close Saturday December 22 @ 1pm and open again Friday December 28 at 10am.  We then be open Saturday, December 29 and Monday December 31, closing for Tuesday January 1.
Treasurer’s Reportsubmitted by Brenda Rosvick
-          From financial reports:
o   Town appropriation was $10K more than budgeted; Town budgeted $100K including their MG levy and they gave us the balance.   This is a good thing because there are a few items that changed our budget, as we knew would happen.
o   YTD - from my initial review it appears that we have enough funds for the rest of the year.  I will present a more accurate forecast at the October meeting and have a preliminary budget for 2019.
-          for rest of 2018 & budget 2019
o   Building maintenance - looking at all maintenance requirements (HVAC, gas fireplace, water, lift, other inspections?)
o   Bookkeeping being done by Town - waiting to hear from Ken on who to meet with
o   Changing legal name to Town of Crossfield Library Board - most financial accounts that require a signature have been changed.  Business accounts Lorea has can remain as Crossfield Municipal Library as that is also our charity name. With ATB, new cheques are not necessary as both names are on the system; we are waiting for a MasterCard for Laura.  Going forward anything of a legal nature should be under the Board name.
-          Correspondence
o   Charity Return - processed as submitted