Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meetings are usually held at 7:00pm at the Crossfield Municipal Library on the third Wednesday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.  All meetings are open to the public, and the most recent approved meeting minutes will be posted here.  (Previous meeting's minutes can be viewed in person at the Library).  For any date changes, please check the calendar on the Library website at the top of the right hand column.
Crossfield Municipal Library Board Meeting
April 18, 2018
Location: Library Board Room
In attendance: Lorea Anderson, Ken Gosling, Janice Graham, Lisa McNeil, Brenda Rosvick, and Jo Tennant
Called to order: 7:00 pm
MOTION by Brenda to accept Agenda, VOTES all in favour

Corrections to March’s Minutes

Clarification in the Librarian’s Report regarding signage is about having “Library” on the glass door so people know what it is as they are walking by
MOTION by Ken to accept amended March Minutes, VOTES all in favour
Policy and Bylaws
-          Lisa, Brenda, and Lorea to meet separately to review these in detail and bring them back to the Board
Kindergarten Welcome Event
-          Kindergarten would like us to have a table as there are many new families in town
-          it would not require a presentation, just someone to be at a table
o   Ken has offered to do this
-          will have some small giveaways to attract people to stop at the table
Shredding Service
-          Brenda had an idea that we could offer this as a service
-          Marigold IT fund can cover a shredder as long as other IT items are covered
-          after discussion there seems to be too many concerns with being able to secure people’s private information after it is shredded, so we will not proceed
Funding Sources
-          we need to look at other ways of raising funds as grants do not cover operating costs
-          many grants require matching funds and that pot has been used up in the renovations
Librarian’s Report
-          Kane has quit his Library Clerk position, so we offered it to Cobi and she has accepted
-          Robotics Club
o   only 1 or 2 attendees
o   Nathaniel feels that it’s likely due to the school running a robotics club
o   will not run it after April is over
-          Lego Club
o   still well attended
Marigold Meeting
-          Nicole Talsma and Michelle Toombs arrived at 7:30 pm
-          we wanted to meet with them to discuss some issues we have encountered around resource sharing
-          when a hold is placed, the program should flag Crossfield items first, then expand to Marigold system, and then out to TRAC
-          if there is space on the shelf, then we could purchase a duplicate copy to set as our local copy that doesn’t circulate out
-          a library can be a “sole determiner” on collection if there is a professional librarian on staff
-          Marigold estimates our value of services at $119,599.13 in return from our levies paid of $30,463.92
-          Nicole and Michelle left at 9:02 pm
Treasurer’s Report
-          cost of insuring the building has increased and we did not account for that in our budget
-          Brenda checked into charity receipts
o   we can only give a charity receipt for art that’s actually been donated
o   for services, we would have to pay the person, they claim the income, then donate it back to us and then we can issue a receipt
-          CP Wood Gallery
o   Mark said it was alright for the $570 to be left as a credit on our account

-          Information from Marigold “2017 Value of Your Investment”
-          Letter from Alberta Culture and Tourism that we have received a CIP grant of $22,000 toward equipment purchases
Meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm.  Next meeting will be on May 16, 2018.


Submitted Reports
Librarian’s Reportsubmitted by Lorea Anderson
Number of books (Mar)                                  3460    (345 more than Feb)  
Number of patrons (Mar)                                1937    (370 more than Feb)
Number of computer users (Mar)                     110    (12 more than Feb)
Number of memberships sold to Apr 12/18     765 unexpired memberships
Email addresses for newsletters:  156 (last month 152)
Suggestion Box
Room Usage Statistics
December:  13 (Staff 1, Programs 6, Community 2, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
January:  22 (Staff 1, Programs 11, Community 6, Chamber 4, Commercial 0)
February:  36 (Staff 2, Programs 16, Community 11, Chamber 6, Commercial 1)
March:  32 (Staff 2, Programs 15, Community 11, Chamber 2, Commercial 2)
Financial Literacy Classes
Unfortunately, due to a lack of information on the part of the local group trying to offer these classes (it’s the first time they’ve tried to do this), our first class’ presenter never showed up.  One patron had come to attend.  I am assured that whatever miscommunication caused the problem last week will be resolved for April 12.
Tip = Donation
Instituted April 9. 
Adult Book Club
Of the six people who indicated interest, only one attended.  With the one person who came in response to advertising there was a grand total of two.  They did pick a title to read for the month, and the title was shared via email with any who had shown interest.  The next meeting is April 18.
Building Conditions
-          There is a pronounced leak on the south wall of the basement and water reaches across the first sectioned off third of the basement.  We have moved any items out of the range of damage for the time being, but if it continues and goes into the center section, the furniture we’ve stored there may be in jeopardy.  Additionally, it is starting to smell musty.  Russ has been made aware.
-          Once again we had trouble getting the front door to “latch closed” when locked at night.  Russ arranged for repairs to be made and we will continue to monitor.  The rear door lock needs to be replaced as it has worn out.
-          Due to building settling, a glass block has cracked in the downstairs barrier-free bathroom
-          There is a serious problem with the sump pump drainage freezing and causing a sink hole.  Ken has been dealing with this and will explain.  Russ is aware.
Upcoming Absences
I will be away on April 26.
Treasurer’s Reportsubmitted by Brenda Rosvick
For March, out of budget is the increased cost of building insurance. Building insurance thru Town has a November annual premium.  The change from Town to the Library covering the new building was just done in March, retroactive to November; total premium $2292 (up from $550 for the old building).  Only $550 was a payable in 2017 so the remaining $1700+ is a cost in 2018.  With the November 2018 premium coming for another $2300, this will put our annual budget over by $3300.
I did not send a YTD statement this month, everything is on budget other than insurance.  Of note, YTD for Beverage Service donations is $125 (part of Donations budget).
-          Letter from Alberta Culture and Tourism, the lottery grant for $22K was approved.  This grant is for the setup of the Community Use Areas and Materials purchases, and includes things already purchased since September.   

Balance Sheet March 31, 2018
Income Statement for March 2018